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Plate Frame Press Filter Plate Frame Cleaning Should Pay Attention To

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Plate frame is also a vulnerable parts, and according to the press filter manufacturers summary, the damage of the plate frame is not in place, so, to remind everyone after use, to clean the filter plate in time.

For sludge treatment of the plate-frame press filter, if the sludge too thick or dry block left, it will be caused by the blockage of the feed mouth, at this time there is no media between the pressure system itself, the plate itself due to long time pressure is easily caused by damage. Filter plate cleaning, sometimes caused by the leakage of media, once the outside, the edge of the plate frame will be washed out a small ditch, a large number of media leakage caused by pressure can not be raised, mud cake can not be formed.

Therefore, here to remind you to pay attention to the filter plate cleaning, after the end of the filter with a scraper to remove the solid material into the mouth caking, check the feed mouth, the drain is blocked, so as not to pressure too large damage filter plate.

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