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Anti-rust Protection Of Filter Press

- Dec 08, 2017 -

The most easy to rust filter machine is the machine's base, the general base is directly contact with the ground, is also vulnerable to damage, so it is recommended to use the machine to support the device, placing the pressure filter, but also to keep the ground clean, can not have parallel imports of other sundries.

Second, the screw is also very easy to rust, the screw is constantly in motion, and easy to react with the water molecules in the air, so we must add some lubricating oil when we do not use the filter press.

Hope that the above content can help you understand the pressure filter machine anti-corrosion work, but also need to remind everyone pressure filter machine electronic components Waterproof is also very important, usually in the vicinity of the filter as far as possible not to put water storage supplies such as buckets, lest affect the pressure filter operation.

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