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The structure of filter press

- Dec 08, 2017 -

The structure of the filter press consists of three parts:

A. Rack: The frame is the basic part of the filter press, the two ends are the thrust plate and the clamping machine, the two sides of the beam will be connected together, the beam to support the filter plate, filter box and pressure plate. The thrust plate is connected with the bearing and the end of the filter is situated on the foundation, the box type presses the thrust plate middle is the feed hole, four corner also has four holes, the upper two angle hole is the washing liquid or the press gas imports, the next two corners are exits.

B. Pressure PLATE: Used to press the Filter plate filter box, on both sides of the wheel to support the pressure plate in the beam of the track rolling.

C. Beam: Is the load bearing member, the material is the high quality steel plate or the high-quality trough steel, according to the use Environment antiseptic request, may choose the rigid polyvinyl chloride, the polypropylene, the stainless steel coating or the new anticorrosive coating and so on.

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