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Plate-frame Press filter plate damage reason

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1. When the sludge is too thick or dry block left, it will cause the blockage of the feed mouth, at this time, there is no media between the filter plate only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself, at this time the plate itself due to long time pressure is easily caused by damage.

2. When the supply is insufficient or the material contains unsuitable solid particles, the same will cause the plate frame itself too much force to damage.

3. If the flow outlet is blocked by solids or when the supply valve or valve is turned off, the pressure is nowhere to be leaked, causing damage.

4. Filter plate cleaning, sometimes caused by the leakage of media, once the outside, the edge of the plate frame will be washed out a small ditch, a large number of media leakage caused by pressure can not be raised, mud cake can not be formed.

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