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How to discharge the filtrate of the plate-frame filter Press

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1. The filtrate is pumped into the inlet pipe by the feed pump, and the feed pump gradually increases the filtrate of the inlet pipe, which makes the filter fluid enter two water pipelines under high-pressure conditions.

2. The water separation pipeline is connected with the two inlet valves on the top of the plate-frame filter press, so that the filter will enter the two-material pipeline above the filter plate of the plate-frame press filter.

3. The material pipeline is a piece of the filter plate extrusion splicing, in each piece of the same direction of the filter plate, but also to the center of the filter plate in the recesses of the channel or groove.

4. Filter plate in the distribution pipeline through the above method is divided into each block of filter plate and plate frame composed of the filter, contact with the filter cloth, in the strong pressure trend, to achieve the purpose of filtering.

5. Filter end the separated filter liquid through the water pipeline under the filter plate, and then from the single block of drainage valve outflow, discharge equipment.

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