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How to choose and calculate the plate-frame filter press?

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1. Filter area standard: The filtration area of the filter press manufactured by GB is equivalent to the solid volume of 15L per square meter.

2. Pre-pressure Filtration: Volume V1 (M3), water content before pressure filtration a=97.5%~99.2% (general experience value).

3. After pressure filtration: volume V2 (M3), pressure filtration sludge moisture content b=75%.

4. Pressure filtration Period: daily pressure filter T.

5. Solid-Load Balance method: v1* (-) = v2* (-), v2= v1* (-)/(-).

6. Filter area: =1000*v2/15/t=1000* v1* (-)/(-)/15/t.

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