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Correct removal of plate-frame Press filter steps

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1. Plate-Frame filter part of the main machine and hydraulic station, electronic control box, the pressure filter is now generally used split hydraulic station, as long as the tubing and wire can be dismantled, so the main disassembly is the mainframe demolition.

2. The main disassembly is divided into compression plate demolition, filter plate disassembly, beam demolition, cylinder block, stop plate five parts, if the automatic pull plate type or automatic cleaning filter press the best manufacturers technician presence can be demolished

3. If the ordinary filter press, first of all, to take down the plate, then open the pressure plate, lift it down; the next is the demolition of the beam, in the demolition of the front of the cylinder to fix the seat, this is due to the oil cylinder stand alone when the center of gravity is unstable, the best way to find an object to fix the plate.

4. After all large pieces are disassembled, they can be transported to a designated location for installation.

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